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Susikoski- Ahvio campfire site (5,6 km)


The stretch starting at Susikoski campfire site continues 5,6 km downstream ending up at the resting place just before the Ahvionkoski rapids. The Susikoski rapids, not very rough, come first. One kilometre down the river and you come to Tervavuolle and Ristolanvuolle, both steady streams with clear lines to paddle down. The rest of the route includes mostly slowly-flowing stream pools in the countryside. Remember, the turbulence and steps in the fast-flowing waters on this route can overturn the canoe/kayak. It is the safest to choose the main stream and paddle all the time. The same advice goes for all the rapid waters, narrow spots and tight bends of the river Kymijoki. 

Ahvio beach