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Paaskoski- Ahvenkoski (beach) (7,9 km)


From Paaskoski the river again flows into wilderness. The river is  slow until the first branching. There are three islands ahead. You can freely choose how to pass the islands. All these routes are quite similar. There is at least one fast-flowing area in all of them. The regular route line goes along the rightmost stream passing the island of Lavikko. The islands Lavikko and Karl belong to Saarela nature reserve. The thick birch forests on the islands give you the impression that nobody ever visits them. >

Then you come to Hellinkoski. There used to be rough rapids at Hellinkoski but when Ahvenkoski power plant was built the river was cleared and the water level raised. So today Hellinkoski is easy to paddle. There are many islands in Hellinkoski. Again you can freely choose your way.  The lowest island is called Sairaalasaari. In the 18th century the Russians built a redoubt there.

Before reaching the destination you paddle under Savukoski old bridge. The River Kymijoki was the border line between Sweden and Russia 1743-1811.



The destination is on the right bank of the dam pool of Ahvenkoski power plant. The town of Loviisa maintains a beach and a public outdoor rug washing place there. Between them you can find a path and carry your canoe/kayak to the parking area. 

Ahvenkoski landfall