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Antinranta- Koivuviikki- Paaskoski (9,7 km)


This stretch leads the paddler on the lake. Lake Tammijärvi is 4,5 kilometres long and 1,5 kilometres wide which can make it difficult to keep to the route. Advice: paddle straight on towards the GMS mast you can see in the south. 

There are lots of water plants in the lake just off Antinranta. This can make paddling unpleasant. If possible paddle towards the centre of the lake to avoid the plants. After one and a half kilometres the lake gets deeper and there are no more water plants. A two-kilometre paddling takes you to Koivuviikki campfire site. It is located at the first higher cliffs on the eastern shore.

The route follows the fine cliffs on the eastern side of the lake. Unfortunately most of the land is private with houses and cottages and there are not many places to go ashore. To avoid disturbing people at their cottages it is recommendable to stay farther off on the lake.

After the lake the route takes you on the river again. The route goes through the straits and the the river divides into two branches. You can make your choice. The left branch takes you to Paaskoski dam. There you need to go ashore and carry the canoe some 100 metres. There is no resting place at Paaskoski.

The other option is to take the branch on the right. The two-kilometre paddling will take you to Strömfors ironworks. There are different services and historical attractions in Strömfors. (We recommend)

If you want to continue you can take the Strömfors branch and later return to the route leading to Ahvenkoski.