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Ahvio- Kultaa campfire site (5,2 km)


The rapid waters begin right from Ahvio resting place. We recommend you first to walk up to Kuovinkallio lookout where you can see the Päijänteenkoski and Keskikoski rapids.

The actual route goes down Keskikoski but you can make your own choice too. There are a lot of islands in the upper part of Ahvionkoski to paddle between. The river flows steadily between the islands and there are no rough whirls. You can enjoy the nature around you. There are only a few summer cottages in this rapids area of 35 hectares.

The big rough rapids are further downstream. The preferred route goes down the Martinkoski rapids on the left. There is strong turbulence and white water. The spray decks and decent floats are needed. The Kotokoski rapids on the right with easier flow are better for canoes. You can also carry your canoe/kayak by land past the rapids. 

After the Ahvionkoski rapids you can choose between two routes. Following the the midstream through the pool area for a couple of kilometres you come to Kultaankoski campfire site. The Kultaankoski rapids make a large rapids area with quite moderate drops. By following the left bank you can safely pass the only fast-flowing part of the stream. If you do not trust your skills you can carry your canoe/kayak along the left river bank. The right bank is too difficult to walk. 

We recommend this! After the Ahvionkoski rapids you take to the right along the Piuhanhaara. This branch of the river is clearly narrower and with three minor rapids areas. The piles of stones on the river banks tell you about the clearing of the river long ago. The Piuhanhaara joins the main branch about one kilometre below Kultaa campfire place. 

Kultaa campfire site