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Canoeing/kayaking routes on the river Kymijoki


The river Kymijoki is a huge source of experiences for canoeists and kayakers. The waters are within easy reach and pleasant to paddle. The Kymijoki is one of the fastest-developing water tourism areas in Finland. Despite the southern location there are long portions of the river where you can meet with wild nature.

We rent canoes, kayaks, row boats and rubber boats. We can arrange transport to the starting point and back from the destination. You can see the equipment on our website and rent it by email: (rental). We also offer you guided canoeing/kayaking tours. For further information please contact: Seikkailuviikari Oy Kari Niemi, tel. 0500 862 862.

To the south of Kultaankoski, in Katitniemi you can rest properly and stay overnight. You can sleep in the rental cabin, tipi-like hut or lean-to shelter. It is also possible to go to sauna. The accommodation goes together with the canoe rental, transport or guided tours. Information: Prokajak Oy Marko Raatikainen, tel. 0500 703 155 and Seikkailuviikari Oy Kari Niemi.

Our partners organise guided fishing trips in Kultaankoski. Lake Kukuljärvi in Ruotsinpyhtää is a private fishing area where they restock e.g. rainbow trout. To obtain the fishing licences and for more information, please contact: Fishventures Oy Niko Lehtola, tel. 050 3548 595.

Inkeroinen-Ahvenkoski Route

Total length 56,9 km.

This route starts in Inkeroinen. The route is divided into stretches of 5-6 km each. The total lenght is c. 57 km and it takes 2-3 days to paddle.  There are maintained resting places and some tourism services along the route.

If you plan to make a-two-day(one-night) canoeing trip, we recommend you to spend the night at the resting place owned by Prokajak below Kultaankoski (look at the map). They have a cabin for 6 persons. You can also sleep in the lean-to shelter.  Sauna and tipi hut are available too. Suitable routes for two nights are Inkeroinen- Ahvio (resting place at Kuovinkallio) and Ahvio- Antinranta. We recommend sleeping in the tent. In all the resting places there is free firewood available. In Prokajak's place there is drinking water too. Please, take notice that there may be other people on the resting place, too.

Canoeing routes

  • Inkeroinen-Huhdanniemi campfire shelter 3,9 km
  • Huhdanniemi- Susikoski campfire shelter 6,2 km
  • Susikoski- Ahvio campfire shelter 5,6 km
  • Ahvio- Kultaa campfire shelter 5,2 km
  • Kultaa- Prokajak (accommodation) 2,9 km
  • Kultaa- Hirvivuolle (dam) 6,9 km
  • Hirvivuolle- Hirvikoski 5,8 km
  • Hirvikoski- Antinranta (beach) 5,7 km
  • Antinranta- Paaskoski (dam) 9,7 km
  • Paaskoski- Ahvenkoski (beach) 7,9 km

Resting places

5 resting places with the equipment and services needed

Rapids along the route

5 free-flowing rapids, the dam in the Hirvivuolle rapids and many easier rapids

Carrying the canoe

On the route there are two sluices you need to pass by carrying your canoe. You can also carry your canoe past the rapids.

Attractions on the route

  • Free-flowing rapids
  • Lookout in Kuovinkallio
  • Valkmusa nature conservation area
  • Strömfors Ironworks
  • Savukoski bridge

Lenght of the route

Total lenght 56,9 km via Paaskoski, 54,8 km via Strömfors


Most parts of the route are suitable even for beginners, only two rapids, Ahvionkoski and Hirvivuolle, require more experiece. Canoeists/Kayakers with less experience need to check the rapids in advance. It is no problem to pass the rapids by carrying the canoe by land.

Approximated duration of the trip

By canoe, 2 persons, average duration 2-3 days. By kayak 1-2 days.